Best Settings And Sort Messages Of SBCGlobal Inbox


Do you wish to change the settings and sort messages of SBCGlobal inbox according to your preference? If yes, then keep reading this post. You will come to know the steps required to change the settings of your SBC account. If you want to check whether the settings are configured successfully or not, you can re-open the account and check it once.

Now, we are going to discuss the tools with the help of which you can change the settings of your SBC inbox. Before starting with the steps, we recommend you to open your account on the computer rather than opening it on a smartphone.

Using Settings

Go to 'Settings' from SBCGlobal inbox folder. You will find 3 horizontal lines on the top right of the screen. Click to open it from there. A number of options will appear in the form of a drop-down menu. If you want to change any of the options, then click on it. You can change themes, color, privacy settings and account information from here. Apart from this, the below mentioned things can be altered from inbox settings.

  • Change the layout pattern of your email account.
  • Set the preferences from filter option.
  • Switch between full and basic inbox mode.
  • Block unwanted email addresses and emails.
  • Change security question and privacy menu.
  • Change the messenger menu.
  • Change in digital signatures.
  • Create a message for vacation.

For SBCGlobal email sorting

If you want to arrange the mail according to time, date or block, then you can do so through below-mentioned settings.

  • Days of week: To sort message according to a particular day.
  • Last week: To check last week messages.
  • Earlier in April: This option will display the last month messages in the inbox folder.
  • Previous month: To view or read messages of last month, select this option from time menu.
  • Earlier in 2017: If you want to view messages of last year, then you can select this option from the given menu.

Apart from this, you can arrange the messages directly from inbox folder. In the direct menu, you can do the below-mentioned things

  • Date: It will display latest messages first.
  • Unread: All the unread messages in the inbox folder will be displayed.
  • Attachments: If you want to check the messages with attachments like pictures, images, then click on this option.
  • Sender: To get messages from the particular sender, you need to select this option. All the messages sent by the particular sender will be displayed in the inbox folder. Depending on the number of messages, the pages will get created.
  • Starred: All the messages with star marked will be displayed on the front screen.
  • Group by conversation: If you want to arrange messages in a group which we call it as conversation, then use this option.

Conversation settings: The default settings for inbox is conversation type. In this type, a message from the same person will keep on adding in a chat and you can read all messages from there. You can check messages from that particular sender only. If you want to check messages from another sender, then you need to disable the conversation mode.

Information: If you want to search the messages from the particular sender, then enter the email address of that sender directly and click on 'Search' button. This will display the results on the basis of your search. For any support or information, you can contact SBCGlobal email support.